10 Questions w/ Courtney

1. I have a question for Courtney. You often walk into the audience during your sets. It's always cool to see, but it does open the situation up for some interesting developments. Has anything wild ever happened to you during one of your jaunts through the crowd?   
I think the most interesting things happen when someone gets their hands on the microphone -which has happened both onstage and off! Last time we were at John and Peters, somebody grabbed the mic, and literally stopped the show because I was laughing so hard I just sat down and watched the action. I have no idea how the guys got through the rest of the song!

2. What kind of musical theater did you do and would you ever wanna do it again?   
My first stage performance was somewhere around age 5, when I was in a community theater version of the play Brigadoon. My part was to walk onstage, curtsy a little and then walk off. The part was not very elaborate, but it got me started all the same. Growing up I was always one of those people that put on plays and shows for my parents and neighbors. Eventually I moved on, moved to New York and went to NYU (where I studied theater, film, and dance) -and then joined FUTURE 86. Although I have strayed away from acting, I would love to be in a film -and I still love to dance. I turned to music, though, because the freedom and the creativity is different than what you get to do when you are in a play or reading a script. In a sense, you are the playwright, producer, actor and director all in one... you get to be a part of the entire artistic process. I like that about being a musician. And, the fun I have with this band is amazing -we are so close, and love what we do so much... It's awesome.

3. What about yourself do you hope never changes?   
I try to see the best in everything. I am really optimistic and try to focus on the positive in any situation. I hope to never lose that outlook, because I think it really helps me to break through my own barriers and to look for the best in people.

4. Since moving to NYC you've become quite the city gal... but are there ever times when you miss Michigan?   
I love New York. There is so much energy in this city, so much going on! There are people here from all over the world. There are art galleries, street performers and tourists. You walk down the street and hear people speaking different languages and you see ethnic restaurants everywhere you go. I love being in a place filled with such diversity and energy. I also love my house in Michigan -ten acres on a lake with horses next door... it's very fresh there -very airy and homey and nice. My family is awesome, and incredibly loving and strong. And my mom is an amazing cook! So I go home as much as I can, and try to balance the two.

5. Ok, this is strange. For a reason I don't understand, sometimes when i look at you i see the beautiful house wife. I know, weird. What do you see? Do you ever see being a wife and mother in your future?   
I really want to be a mom, and really want to have a family. I think the connotation of "house wife", though, rubs me a little in the wrong direction. I would love to be a wife but I don't see myself waiting at home while the man brings home the bacon, if you know what I mean!

6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, and why?   
I tend to do some things incredibly last minute, and would like to learn to not procrastinate so much!

7. What is your favorite song to play live?   
Right now my favorite song live is "Maybe".

8. Courtney, i pretty much know what your hopes and dreams are. If the band never becomes any bigger than they are now, could you be content continuing to play locally?   
I love to play music so I think that no matter what happens, I will always be involved with music in some way. Although we would all love to see this band rise and get bigger, we all love what we do so much, that I can't imagine ever totally giving it up. And, hey -even if we do become amazingly huge, we'd still have to play some of our usual haunts every once in a while! The connection you feel with a crowd in a small room is awesome.

9. Ok, we can all admit that you're quite an attractive woman, I've noticed that at any given show there is at least one or more guys hitting on ya sometime during the evening. Is this flattering? A strain? Do you not even notice?   
Mmmm... I don't know! I guess I don't really notice...

10. Are you guys looking into coming back and playing Boston? If so, when?   
We would love to come back and play Boston again!!! It is such a great city, and there are so many great places to play. Now that you have it on my mind, check our website for schedule info in the next month or so -I'll see what I can do!