Please note most press currently under the band's previous name, Pretty Suicide.

Future 86 Article by Adam Williams
Future now... After winning the attention of a crowded and revitalized New York scene, Future 86 stands poised to take the party out of town. One need only fire up the opening moments of After Party to experience all that is Future 86. The album explodes with the big guitar roar of "Give It to Me", then Courtney's howling vocals take over, and the celebration is on. Whether injecting some high octane juice into "Get Up", downshifting with a dose of breathy pop in "Maybe (Hear Me Comin')", or dazzling with the tastiest guitar riff this side of Slash and Velvet Revolver ("Tour Bus"), the band careens its way through a dozen energized tracks, juking and jiving the entire time. This is free-spirited music at its finest and most basic, all engineered to get the fun quotient as high as possible. -read more

Vegas Buzz
Lindsey Scott's review of Future 86's After Party
Their new album, appropriately titled "After Party" combines all the essential elements of Rock, Pop, and Punk, with crunchy power chords, bold choruses, and unforgettable melodies, topped off with a layer of commercial sheen. It is addictive, filled with songs that stick with you for days, even on the first listen. -read more

Northeast In-Tune
Bob Donovan's review of Future 86's After Party
This is a band that should be playing arenas and bringing back the greatness of pop rock that made it rule for so many years. I found myself stomping my foot all the way through this great CD; from the first to the last song. There are no "if only's" on this CD, they did it right the first time! -read more
Aly Walansky's review of Future 86's After Party
Future 86, fronted by front man Courtney's bouncing blonde hair and glinting eyes (she totally has the naughty school girl look boys will go wild for) emanate sass and appeal, as do the catchy lyrics not about despair and misfortune but about fun and life and LIVING. There's just something infectious about positivism within a group's passion... I am very excited about Future 86. This music will make anyone listening feeling hot, sexy, and ready to kick some ass. Truth be told, I am a pretty shy, sometimes inhibited girl. But this CD has an almost embarrassing power over me. It kinda makes me no longer need tequila. -read more

Long Island Entertainment August 2003 Issue
Jeff Tobias' review of Pretty Suicide's Suicide Sampler
Excessive, catchy, straight out of the gates... Wails like Bif Naked with an education in raunchy glam metal, and the band's back up vocals give the songs a bit of fist in the air punch. Taking equal inspiration from L.A. Guns and Led Zeppelin, this band has a clear knowledge of classic rock n' roll, and play thusly. -read more

Candy for Bad Children
Miss Amy's review of Pretty Suicide's Suicide Sampler
Knock-you-out blast of hard hitting, pop-slanted rock and roll... Courtney belts out these made for arena numbers with sexy and sultry sass supreme. Backed up by an achingly perfect rhythm section and hellishly slick guitar riffs, each tune is laden with enough hooks and power to lock you in for the long ride. A stadium sized dose of pop punch compacted into a 4-song EP. This meaty little teaser will definitely make you go out and buy the whole cow. -read more

Village Voice June 11th 2002 & June 18th 2002 Issues
Senior Editor Chuck Eddy's review of Pretty Suicide's 2002 EP
The coolest 80's style pop metal disc to come out of New York in Recent Years. -read more

Good Times Magazine Issue 885 / April 6th-19th, 2004
Dan Brown's review of Pretty Suicide's Suicide Shot
Pretty Suicide is a four piece power pop unit out of Queens, who mix hard rock chords with smart riffs and hooks that offer you no choice but to bang your head and grind against the closest warm body... While so many bands are waxing morbidly in the darkness, these rockers from the forgotten borough have rediscovered the lost art and potential of straight ahead rock n' roll. -read more

Boston Phoenix February 20th - 26th, 2004
Sean Richardson's New York City Rock n' Roll Compilation Cd Review (Radical Records)
The catchiest song is Pretty Suicide's "Should've Said Goodbye," a perky kiss-off that rocks like Letters to Cleo on a Motley Crue kick." -read more

Vegas Buzz Radio
Jerry Wilson interviews Courtney
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Vegas Buzz Radio
Jerry Wilson interviews Larry
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J-Sin's review of Pretty Suicide's Suicide Shot
If they were given a major label budget to record a follow-up I guarantee that there would be talk of Gwen Stefani part two. -read more

Crusher Magazine
Eric V. White's New York City Rock n' Roll Compilation Cd Review (Radical Records)
"Should've Said Goodbye" by Pretty Suicide is another song not to be missed. The guitar-work is phenomenal." -read more

Aural Fix Communique September 2003 Issue
Mike SOS' review of Pretty Suicide's Suicide Sampler
Hard rock is usually dismissed as a passing fancy, yet Pretty Suicide's infectious melodies and sultry baby girl delivery make the four-song sampler a sought after commodity. -read more

Long Island Entertainment November 2003 Issue
Valerie A. Ciliento's review of Pretty Suicide & Metal Shop at The Village Pub on September 21st, 2003
The radiant vocalist wailed on covers of ACDC's "TNT" and especially on Pat Benetar's "Heartbreaker"; the latter being a very difficult song if you don't have the right range. But Courtney certainly pulls it off impressively, and her voice soars on the band's originals as well... Nothing will stop these talented guys and gal from reaching a growing legion of fans. -read more

3:16 Productions
Mike S.O.S. Pretty Suicide Review
Seven tracks of gutter style hard rock, with a female fronted vocal and a badass guitar leading the charge. -read more

Michael Anthony Show
Should've Said Goodbye CD Sampler Review
They are so very Rock and Roll! The band takes me to a place where I not only feel like I'm in High School again; I feel like I have the power that every kid had back then. If you live(d) for music and good times, this band just might take you there again. I can even smell the beer! -read more

Best Female Musicians
Dennis Halsey's review of Pretty Suicide's Suicide Shot
The band puts together 16 tracks that never cry about being broken-hearted, whine about the economy, or pretend to be political, they just play some good, old-fashioned rock n' roll. -read more

Leatherboyz Rock & Roll Ezine
Review of Pretty Suicide's Should've Said Goodbye CD Sampler
Fresh, fresh fresh! The overwhelming element that lovingly slapped me round the face as the first track got underway, making this band so appealing. -read more

New York Waste May 2003 Edition
Live perfomance review by The Mighty Afrodite
They have so much style and energy, it's like watching a hurricane bang around in a glass jar; you just have to let them out, and hold on for dear life. -read more

The Aquarian May 14th Issue
Al Muzer's rather funny review of Pretty Suicide's Suicide Sampler
A completely blank disc (tried it in several CD players and computers) with huge scratches on the storage side. -read more

Fan testimonial
Live performance review by Victor Moreyra

I saw you guys (and lady) play at the Downtown in Farmingdale on Saturday night (11/23). I bought your CD because I loved your show. On Sunday, I had to drive to and back from Staten Island... a one hour trip each way. I couldn't stop playing your CD in my car.Monday came, I woke up and felt an intense thirst for your CD... I put it on and listened to it 2 more times before getting in my car for work. I got settled in my car... in goes the Pretty Suicide CD...three more plays before getting to work. Same coming home. -read more

Fan testimonial
Live performance review by Gregg Sheppard

UGH!!!! My frigging head is splitting... I guess thats what 14 beers will do to a guy... I caught your show last night at The King's Club... I'm still floored. -read more

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