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12/14/04 News
PRETTY SUICIDE will be performing at CBGB in NYC this Friday, December 17th!! The band's entire set will be filmed by 4 cameras for a TV Show, so grab your PS T-Shirts & come on down, show some love, & make some NOIZE!! Pretty Suicide's set will be at 10:45pm & it is only 16 to Enter!! This will be the band's last show for 2004! CBGB is located at 315 Bowery.

12/2/04 News
Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving... I can't believe the first of the holidays is already gone!! Well... This weekend Pretty Suicide returns to Connecticut -hope to see some of you there!  In other news, the band has scheduled a photo session for this month; the photographer is amazing, and we're all excited to get some new pix!  So, with the close of the holiday season and with the coming of the New Year, look for some long overdue brand new photos of the band!!  Well, that's it for now... everybody have a great day, and we'll see you soon!

11/23/04 News
I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!!
We all have so much to be thankful for...
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


11/9/04 News
This past weekend was great... Sunday was a beautiful day to be outside on the streets of New York City. Thousands of runners and onlookers gathered for the 2004 ING NYC Marathon, and we were happy as always to be a part of the event.  Even though the streets were packed, everything went incredibly smoothly -it was over 60 degrees, our sponsors brought us refreshments and treated us to a wonderful dinner after the day was over, and, even better, the cops that were "keeping the peace" on Central Park South and 7th Avenue were some of the coolest we have ever met -Thanks, especially to them, for making the day so much fun!!  We met an amazing number of people (and new fans!) on Sunday... so to all of you, hope to see you again soon!  We even met someone from Germany- and, hey, if you're reading this, we really do want to make the trip over there!  Lastly, I just want to say that over all of this, I really have to congratulate all the runners this year.  It takes a lot of energy and dedication to finish the race, especially to those still running at 5 and 6 in the evening... congratulations on your accomplishment, and many more to come!

10/12/04 News
The opening weekend of the Forest of Fear was awesome!! We had a great time, and hope everyone else did too. A lot of new people signed up for our mailing list, so if any of you are reading this, thanks for the support & we're glad you had fun! We also want to send out a thanks to everyone that helped us put the stage & trailer together -as well as all the people that hung around to make sure that everything went smoothly. You guys are awesome, and we really, really appreciate your help and support. This weekend was a group effort, and we couldn't have done it without you! And to everybody else, if you didn't make it out this past weekend, there's still plenty of time, so hope to see everybody there soon... and Happy Halloween!!

Check out Monica's newest Pretty Suicide Fan Site by clicking here!

10/12/04 Updates
Added all of the new "On the Road With Pretty Suicide" Merchandise to the Store Section

10/6/04 News
The band took a gamble this weekend by inviting someone we've never heard sing before to help us out with some final backup vocals to the album... all we knew is that he always looks cool & that he's been showing up at a lot of our gigs lately. Well, luckily for us, the gamble most definitely paid off! We're happy to announce that the incomparable Lips Velvet is featured on our latest studio offering!

10/4/04 News    "After Hours" Street Date October 8th, 2004

   Track Listing:
               Give it to Me
               Maybe (Hear Me Comin')
               Get Up
               I Want it All
               Promise Me
               Picaboo Street
               Should've Said Goodbye
               Stop Pretending
               Let's Go!
               Tour Bus

9/27/04 News     **NEW ALBUM DUE THIS OCTOBER**

"After Hours" the All-New Follow-Up Album from Pretty Suicide is almost here!!

After Hours from Pretty Suicide

For a sneak peek as to what's in store, a preliminary mix of "Suddenly" can be listened to by clicking here!!

9/8/04 News     A "Thank You" Letter that arrived in our Inbox...

This Labor Day weekend we played shows on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday -the last being an early show, we had to wake up at 6:30am to make it on time. Mind you, we're definitely a pretty hard-working group, but 6:30 in the morning sometimes just doesn't necessarily appeal... Anyhoo, we made the best of it, had a great time, & met lots of incredibly kind people and hopefully provided an energy boost to many. I don't usually post letters that we receive, but this one, I felt, deserved some attention. I just want to say thanks for your kind words and let you know that it's people like you that make what we do so worthwhile!


I just wanted to send you a quick "thank you" note for playing on Monday. I've been running the 20K race for several years now and I can honestly say that your band was the best I've seen or heard during the race. From a runner's perspective, the section where your band was playing is one of the hardest sections of the race because: (1) psychologically, you know that the finish line is STILL almost a half mile away, and (2) very few people stand in that section to cheer you on.   As a result, after I finish running the race, I traditionally walk back to that section of the course to cheer runners on.

As with past races, when I reached your section of the course, I was exhausted and just barely holding on.  However, I experienced an adrenaline rush when I heard your band playing "White Wedding" and saw your lead singer interacting with and encouraging the runners.  I spoke to other runners who also had very positive things to say about your band.  Near the end of the race, I yelled a "thank you" to your band but it was important to me to follow-up with an e-mail.  I just wanted to make sure that all of you know that your participation had a positive impact.  I hope you'll be back next year.  In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck and success.

Thanks again!!!

8/31/04 News
This past weekend the band finished laying down the last of the tracks for the upcoming full length follow-up to Suicide Shot... The playbacks sound amazing & the band has never sounded better; the cool vibe that we had at the studio definitely found its way onto tape! The eleven songs -one of which has never been performed live- will be mixed and mastered during the month of September and the CD Release Parties will begin in October!! In other news, we finally got a chance to sit back and watch some of the video footage from our last show at CBGB and it looks phenomenal! The show will be compiled for DVD and will also be ready for release by October. One of the songs will be added to the Visual page very soon. Lastly, the Street Team has really been helping us out a lot lately -so thanks to everybody involved!  If you are not on the team, but would like to be, please email us at info@prettysuicide.com and let us know, or just sign up for it by clicking here. We'll see you soon!

8/20/04 News
Thanks to everyone for coming out to our show last night at The Knitting Factory in New York City!! It was a huge success on all counts and it was a great welcome home show! Even though we were all packed in like sardines & it was hot as hell inside, the mood was infectiously fun & exhilarating. We had an incredible time & truly appreciate everyone for sharing it with us! As a thank you for coming out, tonite we'll be playing a free show all night long at the Orange Lantern in Paramus, NJ & we hope to see all of you again!

Not quite sure why, but it seems like everyone loves to smack Vache's ass...

8/18/04 News     Courtney's 4th Annual Northshore Cruefest Reflections...

We had an amazing time in Cleveland!!!  We played two nights at the Phantasy Concert Club, which is one of the biggest clubs in the city.  The sound was great, the stage was huge, and the bands were all so much fun.  We got to play with The Erotics, Pump 5, and Crash Kelly... But the show was only the beginning of the weekend!

The hotel we stayed in was cool, 'cause they didn't care how loud we got or how late it was- every night carried on until way past 5 in the morning.  The party was in the rooms, in the hallways, in some rooms that weren't even rented, and in the air hockey lounge, where a three night tournament was in full effect. When I arrived, the room the Cowbell Junkies were in was a disaster- the headboards were missing from the beds, the sheets weren't on (and for some reason didn't fit), there was an extra air mattress on the floor and you couldn't step anywhere without stepping on something or someone.  It was a mess!!! The next morning, we had a reservation for forty-five people at the Hard Rock Café, which turned into a war zone with sugar packets flying non-stop through the air.  I hear there was also a bit of car racing in there somewhere...

The whole weekend was a blast, and I want to say that having the Cowbell Junkies there made the great time that much better.  Thanks to everyone for coming with us!!!  It was a weekend I won't ever forget!

8/17/04 News
We're back from Cleveland & this year's NorthShore Cruefest! Once again, it was a total blast, the people were amazing, & it was really hard to leave. We'll have a full recap of the incredible time soon... Come on out this Thursday, August 19th to welcome the band back to NYC at The Knitting Factory where we'll be joined by the girls from Scores as well as many great bands including Lourds & Vertigo Blue!!

7/31/04 Updates
Added the Pretty Suicide in LA Picture Book to the Visual Section

7/29/04 News
A slightly belated but huge thanks to everyone who came out last Friday despite the torrential downpour to catch us at the Medusa FestivalCBGB was sold out!!  We hear the footage that was shot looks & sounds incredible.  Thanks for sharing such a special night with us; we had a blast! Our next New York City show will be on Thursday, August 19th & it is definitely gonna be one to remember... Details on the show coming soon, as well as a recap and picture book of our trip to LA!!

6/30/04 News
Pretty Suicide's "I Want it All" has landed on the London-based Jonny Yeah Show's latest installment, Virtuous Saints... haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but they tend to say some pretty hilarious things about the band. Head over to their site & give it a listen by clicking the following link, http://www.koobaradio.co.uk/!

6/28/04 News
A lot's been going on lately so here's a brief recap... For those who've heard the rumors, let it now be known that they are true! A Pretty Suicide independent feature film is absolutely on it's way!! We met with the director and his crew last Wednesday and filming will begin in earnest in August. The film is a semi-biographical tale completely revolving around & starring Pretty Suicide! In other news, Thursday's show at the Continental was awesome & Friday's Mermaid Parade float-making party was a blast! With little sleep and not nearly enough sunblock we all headed out to Coney Island the next day for the 22nd Annual Mermaid Parade & had such an incredible time performing for the enormous crowd that words simply can't do it justice. Huge Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen & for sharing such an amazing experience with us!!

One of Pretty Suicide's most loyal fans enjoys basking in the sun at the Mermaid Parade...

6/3/04 News
The band has stepped up production on their follow-up full length to Suicide Shot! Last weekend five songs were fully tracked & mixing will begin within the next few weeks... Six more songs will be included on the disc and the band is tentatively shooting for a July / August 2004 release.

5/27/04 News
Pretty Suicide finally returned to The Downtown in Farmingdale last night for a slot opening for Jim Breuer. It was incredibly nice to hear how many people were glad to have us back and to receive such a warm welcome! Special thanks go out to George for the sound & Rick Eberle for making it all happen!!

5/25/04 News
We'd like to give some serious thanks to Marbles at K-ROCK in Syracuse, NY for playing Pretty Suicide on his show almost every single week since he first saw us this February in Utica! He also hooked us up with a gig this past weekend in Herkimer, NY, which despite one band member nursing a hangover from hell, was a total blast! After the show, the self-proclaimed "townies" treated us to an afterparty that was downright hilarious and lasted 'till the sun came up...

5/4/04 News
We're back from the 18th Annual NY KISS Expo & Hard Rock Convention and finally recovering from the party onslaught that was had by all! It was an absolute blast & we went through an incredible amount of merch... For those who weren't able to get any T-Shirts, don't worry, we'll be getting new ones soon! We met tons of new people & partied with & befriended even more. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us & represented for Pretty Suicide; we had a great time, and, as always, your support means everything to us. We'd love to see everybody again sooner than later, so please come out on May 13th to CBGB's in good ole' NYC & help us celebrate Armand's Birthday with an incredibly Strong Dose of Rock & Roll, Pretty Suicide Style!!

4/22/04 Updates
Added Crusher Magazine's review of Suicide Shot to the Press Section
Added Crusher Magazine's review of New York City Rock N Roll to the Press Section

4/20/04 Updates
Added Glam-Metal.com's "Babe of the Month" with Courtney to the Press Section

4/13/04 Updates
Added new fan pictures to the Visual Section
Added Rough Edge's review of Suicide Shot to the Press Section

4/7/04 Updates
Added Good Time Magazine's review of Suicide Shot to the Press Section

4/6/04 News
Pretty Suicide's "Tall Glass" has landed on the London-based Jonny Yeah Show's latest installment, and again, they just love pokin' fun everywhere they can! The entire broadcast can be listened to over the internet by heading over to http://www.koobaradio.co.uk/!

4/6/04 Updates
Added Cherryfuck Fanzine's interview with Pretty Suicide to the Press Section
Added Kooba Radio's very amusing March 2004 introduction of Pretty Suicide's "Tall Glass" to the Music Section

4/1/04 News
We're happy to report that Suicide Shot, Pretty Suicide's latest full length cd, is now also available at Tower Records (809 Route 17 South) in Paramus, NJ!

3/10/04 News
Not that this is really news, but we absolutley love the posters that were made for us. We just had to take a photo when we saw how they looked backlit at the club we played last Saturday Night! In other news, Pretty Suicide rotation is picking way up on college radio. We'll compile a list for you soon so you can request your Pretty Suicide! The band also popped up in the local preview for Steppin' Out this week!

And now for a completely different topic, we picked up one of the letters warning about the evils of working with Pretty Suicide today from Radical Records that has been sent to various clubs & who knows who else by mail, fax, & other methods, and it is titled: MEMO A Caveat Emptor to Club Owners, Record Labels, and Other Bands. We're happy to report that Radical Records is willing to go on record and say that all statements in said letter pertaining to Radical Records & Pretty Suicide are completely false & should be considered libel. If you have been an unfortunate recipient of any of these unwanted letters, emails, or faxes, & have any questions, please feel free to contact the band at info@prettysuicide.com. Thanks again for your support.

3/7/04 News
For those of you who prefer the old fashioned way of just going out to the record store to buy your music instead of getting it off the 'net, Suicide Shot, Pretty Suicide's latest full length cd is available for only $8.99 at the following locations: Vintage Vinyl (51 Lafayette Street) in Fords, NJ, & The Record Exchange (20 South Tulane Street) in Princeton, NJ!!

3/1/04 News
It has come to our attention that someone is now again sending packages to an incredible amount of clubs (several of which we've never even played before) warning them not to work with Pretty Suicide. Rest assured that these attacks have no element of truth to them whatsoever. Pretty Suicide played over 100 shows last year and is always asked back with open arms. For a list of our past shows, click here. We also have numerous references from club bookers who will attest to the fact that these accusations against the band are completely ridiculous. If you have received any of these packages regarding the evils of Pretty Suicide, could you please inform us if the sender has included their name, a valid mailing address, or a working telephone number. Odds are overwhelmingly strong that they have not, as they can't prove their accusations. If they have, however, please let us know so we can legally put a stop to their harrasment. Thanks to all who have been so supportive through this now-almost-one-year-long ordeal.

2/26/04 News
It's official... Armand Plays Drums that Don't Suck!! We're proud to announce that Smith Drums now sponsors Pretty Suicide!

2/23/04 Updates
Added Boston Phoenix's Review of New York City Rock N Roll to the Press Section

2/16/04 Updates
Added the Michael Anthony Show's Review of the "Should've Said Goodbye" Sampler and Leatherboyz Rock & Roll Ezine Review of the "Should've Said Goodbye" Sampler to the Press Section

1/27/04 Updates
Added Plug In Music's Review of the Suicide Sampler to the Press Section

1/26/04 Updates
Added Spunout Central's Review of the "Should've Said Goodbye" Sampler to the Press Section

1/22/04 News
It's such a friggin' small world out there... last night we played a show with Pretty Boy Floyd and today an interview with Courtney was published on an Australian website with none other than Steve "Sex" Summers and Bruce Kulick. Check it out by going to The Red Card and then clicking on the Interviews Section. For those with no time to waste, the direct link is here.

1/22/04 Updates
Added The Red Card interview with Courtney to the Press Section

1/19/04 News
Special thanks out to Scott & all at Tour Bus Radio for broadcasting Pretty Suicide nationwide & coast to coast this weekend!!

1/16/04 News
Tonite's show at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett has been cancelled due to the weather & will be rescheduled for a later date... In other news, Metal Sludge has posted 10 Questions with Armand of Pretty Suicide!! The direct link to the interview is here.

1/2/04 News
This Sunday, January 4th, Extreme Radio out of Geneva, Switzerland will be broadcasting S. I. Stud's interview with Pretty Suicide!! For those unaware, S. I. Stud is short for Staten Island Stud & he just so happens to be the "The Casey Kasem of 80's Metal"! We taped the interview about a month ago & we can guarantee that it's a slice of humor that is well worth a listen. For those of you Pretty Suicide Fans that don't live in Switzerland, don't fret... The show can be streamed over the internet & details can be found in the Shows Section.

In other news, "Should've Said Goodbye" has landed on yet another compilation cd. This time it's track #2 on Cherry Fuck Magazine's first compilation disc & the disc comes free with the printed version of Cherryfuck #3!

1/2/04 Updates
Added several pictures from the Forest of Fear 2003 to the Gallery Section

12/29/03 Updates
Added Best Female Musician's review of Suicide Shot to the Press Section

12/19/03 Updates
Added long overdue Forest of Fear 2003 pictures to the Fans Section

12/11/03 New    Benefit Gig this Sunday & Blow Out New Year's Eve Gig!!

Pretty Suicide is proud to take part in this year's Blankfest, a benefit concert in it's 7th year on Sunday December 14th. Blankfest was founded by The Baghdaddios' frontman Kenn Rowel who wanted to give a little back to the community and thought that blankets were more practical than any other type of relief that he could offer to a person less fortunate than himself. The event will last from noon to midnight, with Pretty Suicide playing at approximately 10:45pm. The only admission charge is to bring one blanket per person, in any condition.

Ring in the New Year with Pretty Suicide!! The band will do a one and a half hour long set on Jersey's best stage at the Wreck Room & then party and toast with everyone to celebrate 2004 as Bon Jovi cover band Slippery When Wet hits the stage!

12/10/03 Updates
Added the brand new video to "Should've Said Goodbye" to the Video Section

12/5/03 New
We're sorry, but tonite's show at The Blackstone in Rhode Island has been SNOWED OUT and will be rescheduled to a later date.

12/4/03 Updates
Added Candy for Bad Children's Review of the Suicide Sampler to the Press Section

11/26/03 News
Pretty Suicide is the featured artist again over at LiveXRadio, so be sure to check it out & give it a listen... In other news, the band just aquired a serious ace in their sleeve last night in the form of a veteran Rock & Roller who called us up and wants to help us out; we couldn't be happier!! Happy Holidaze to all!

11/24/03 Updates
Added Sleazegrinder's Review of Suicide Shot to the Press Section

11/18/03 Updates
Added Smother.Net Editor's Pick Review of Suicide Shot to the Press Section

11/16/03 News
All I can say is that Pretty Suicide fans are pretty much the best fans any band could ever ask for... Last Wednesday we played a record release party at Don Hill's for the New York City Rock N Roll disc released by Radical Records and one of our newest fans, "Rooster", showed up in an incredibly cool "Power of 125" T-shirt thay he had designed himself. Lots of people made it to a very early show for us that night (8pm) & their support was overwhelming. The next day, we play an all ages show that wasn't promoted at all until the day of the show & still had a great number of people come out and show their love. Last week Chris, a new fan from the Forest of Fear, chauffered 2 people all the way up to our Halloween show in Albany from Rockland County, then drove them back to Rockland County 'cause they had to get up early the next day, & then proceeded to drive all the way back up to Albany again to party with us and the South Mouth crew! Lastly, 5 minutes ago I stumbled across a new Pretty Suicide fan site made by Monica that can be seen by clicking here. We thank you all!!

11/11/03 Updates
Added Metal Shop & Pretty Suicide Show Review for Long Island Entertainment to the Press Section

11/10/03 News
Pretty Suicide's latest Full Length CD, Suicide Shot, is now available at Tower Records in Massapequa, NY for only $8.99!! It's soon to be added to their listening station as well, so be sure to tell all your friends to head on down to the store at 5294 Sunrise Highway & check out Pretty Suicide!!

11/6/03 News
We just received a flash "teaser" for the video shoot we did at the Forest of Fear... you can check it out here.

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