Hi Energy Party-Rock Straight Out of NYC!

In an era where most bands are writing songs about their misfortune & whining about how miserable life is, Future 86 embodies youth the way it's meant to be, with music that's way too loud, that keeps you up all night, and that keeps you doodling in your notebook. They're the perfect Saturday night party band with rebellious music that demands you to get up faster and rock harder than anything else out there today.

Perhaps playing sold-out shows at CBGB's in their hometown of NYC followed a couple of days later by a near capacity show at The Whisky a Go-Go in West Hollywood, may have contributed to some of the band's good-humored arrogance...  The current trend of pop-punk-rock that lacks the true spirit on which rock and roll was created leaves audiences wanting more and Future 86 is the band to give it to 'em.

There's a certain ostentatious and perpetually adolescent appeal about a band that sings about the tour buses, the private jets, the motorcycles, and the celebrity girlfriends they don't have yet.  Barebones rock 'n roll wasn't ever meant to concern itself with much more anyway -especially barebones rock 'n roll that sounds like a collision between The Ramones and No Doubt on speed. With songs titled, "I Want It All" and "Give It To Me", they know what they want and they know how to get it.

We wear our jeans a little tight.  We play our music a little loud.  We get a little crazy, and we have a little fun. We are four very driven, very unpredictable, very different personalities armed with an arsenal of juvenile delinquent fist pumping rock, looking for a party wherever we go.  If a party can't be found, we'll start one, and make sure it ain't over until someone's passed out in the bathtub.  Our latest album, appropriately titled "After Party", with crunchy power chords, bold choruses, and unforgettable melodies, topped off with a layer of commercial sheen, combines all the essential elements of Rock, Pop, and Punk, and makes it clear that Future 86 has an Appetite to Party which rivals Guns 'n Roses' Appetite For Destruction.
FUTURE 86 the best NYC Part Band

FUTURE 86 the best NYC Part Band
Photos by Jeff Forney

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