NAME: Armand
ZODIAC: Zodi - What?
HOBBIES: Camping, hiking, bonfires, ATV racing, collecting toys & old drums, scuba diving, and exploring abandoned buildings & ghost towns
FAV PLACE TO PLAY: Forest of Fear
FAV F86 SONG: "Power of 125"
WHY YOU GOT STARTED IN MUSIC: So I could hit things all night and party everyday
SIX BANDS IN YOUR DISC CHANGER RIGHT NOW: Shania Twain, Kix, LA Guns, Lizzy Borden, the Trainspotting Soundtrack, & 80's Hair Metal (Compilation)
FAV GUITARIST/DRUMMER/BASS/SINGER: G: Chuck Berry (for inventing Rock n' Roll) / D: Clive Burr, Peter Criss, Steve Riley, Robert Sweet, Rick Allen (he can play better with one arm than most drummers can play with two) / B: Nikki Sixx / S: Joe Elliot (or anyone with the assistance of Mutt Lange at the boards)
BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME: Appetite for Destruction
FIRST TIME I GOT DRUNK: Was the first time i got laid
KIND OF GIRL YOU LIKE: Perfect example here
FETISH: Short Skirts, Long Legs, & High Heels
BETTY OR VERONICA: Veronica (I'm too much like Betty)
FAV CAR: The General Lee
FAV BAD GUY/GOOD GUY: Darth Vader/John Wayne
FAV MOVIE KILLER: Michael Meyers
FAV POSSESSION: A life sized Michael Myers that lives in our rehearsal room
FAV MOVIE(S): They're both trilogies... Back to the Future & Star Wars
FAV CARTOON CHARACTER: Bat Girl (Hey, She had a Harley!)
FAV CITY: New Orleans
FAV BAR: The Rainbow in West Hollywood
FAV SEXUAL POSITION: Got a new one? Show me!
I CAN'T STAND: Poseurs (like Metallica)
I WOULD LIKE TO MEET: The Devil or an Alien (one of them has to exist)
I WISH I LIVED: On the Darkside of the Moon
QUOTE: "When you're going through hell... Keep going"

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